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The Foreplay Series is a collection of curated events that puts education at the forefront of intimacy and exploration. We create safe spaces that empower pleasure seekers to deliberately pursue pleasure and experience the ways it expands sexual communication and confidence. These spaces allow folx at all levels to find their their place and explore as they’re comfortable and learn with others. When you are open, mindful, and intentional in the moment, you may find that you gravitate to activities that ignite something within you. Join us as we refocus and set our intentions to prioritize intimacy and build community!

Meet Our Co-Founders

Gawddess Blane

Blane (She|Her) is a queer intimacy & kink educator, avant-garde rope artist, and copywriter. Her journey into sex work began as a means for survival and became the foundation for self-empowerment and advocacy. Her profession is pleasure and the life she lives reflects the pursuit of a life that embodies the erotic.


Jae Johnson

Jae Johnson (She|Her) is an adult content creator, photographer and intimacy producer. After spending almost a decade in the industry and witnessing the lack of authentic intimacy portrayed in mainstream original content, she has made it her mission to showcase true affection (in oneself, in others, and in one's work) in all the work she does.

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